Thursday, February 3, 2011

Muslim Bengalis Arab Obsession

In 1204 AD a Muslim invader Ikhtiyar Uddin Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji successfully defeated Lakshman Sen. Ever since then, Muslims came to Sub-continental area to rule. But no matter who ruled the vast area of rich soil regular people who lived at that time used to be very friendly to each other and they used to work together, help each other together and live happily and peacefully together. This area, proudly has, a long history of mutual respect for one another of different religions and values. However, the whole picture dramatically changed since the rule of British Empire (1757 AD to 1947AD). People started to hate each other over different religions. It’s not fully sure whether it was the creation of British or it was just a misunderstanding among the different values. Some expert says that British rulers willfully create the situation. The debate is still going on. At the end of the British rules, they were like a thousand years old Castle which’s brakes are falling down slowly and eventually it lefts nothing but a sign of itself; against Hindu, because middle class Hindu society was rising rapidly. So the British needed a third party which would support them. This third party was “The Muslim League”, just as it sounds, it was a league just for Muslims, and it was a communal political party. The British could full fill their political aspiration with the help of “The Muslim League”. On the other hand Congress was a liberal. Their main agenda was to overthrow British from here. But the Muslim League wasn’t that much helpful and they didn’t even know what they really wanted. These clashes between the two parties led to a communal fight between Hindu and Muslims. The frightening truth is that this still continues in this 21st century.
Today my concern is why is this hates? What are the reasons behind this? To find this out we have to go back more than thousand years.
Sub continental area has a long history of high valued culture in both spiritual and living. Here, people used to worship different kinds of Goddess. But, their culture value is highly appreciated in the modern society.
On the other hand Arab was a barbaric society.Mohd(sm) developed the society with the help of a religion Islam. He knew that without the existence of religion people would not fear him or obey him.It was a strategical movement.what his policy was is not important important thing is that he brought about change in the society. That is the Arab needed a change but the society in India or Bengali didn't need that in culturally. But they needed in the sense that the Hindu society was full of discrimination. different classes of Hindus still parent though the condition improved today.
The Muslims came to Bengal from different areas of Arab world especially from Iraq. So at past the Muslims here was greatly influenced by Iraqi culture. But today Saudi influence dominate them.So there is clear clashes of culture in Muslim mind.
The Muslims think Bengali culture is Hindu culture.So they try to be Arabian always.They work here eat here sleeps here but hates this society.

(Still work in progress)

(Still work in progress)

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